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It’s Tick Time!

Please be aware that this blog article is intended for personal reading to raise awareness of the issues contained and the author and blog owner accept no liability for any actions arising from the information contained within the article – the author recommends that if readers wish to seek educated and professional advice they speak to their vet.

What can be nicer as the weather starts to turn warmer, than going out on dog walks and watching your dog beating through the bush, running through deep grass and generally having a great day in the glorious British countryside?

Unfortunately, lurking in the undergrowth there are likely to be ticks, looking for a free ride and meal on our four legged friends!

Ticks are on the increase in the UK, some blaming our unseasonal shifts in the weather leading to damp and mild conditions which are prime breeding conditions for the little blighters.  Several species of ticks that were previously unheard of in the UK are starting to make themselves at home over here.

Ticks are blood sucking parasites that attach themselves to dogs, often around the head, legs, ears or undercarriage, feed and then drop off.  Often they can be found in damp areas of dense vegetation, the sort of conditions that our previously beautifully clean dog seems drawn to!!

When they attach to the dog they are normally pinhead size but by the time they have finished their feast they are pea sized, their very presence is annoying for dogs and often when the tick has fallen off, dogs find the wound site terribly annoying and scratch to the potential point of causing an open wound infection.

Some ticks are also capable of spreading disease, for instance the sheep tick.  This has been known to spread Lyme disease, which can be spread to humans – an interesting area for maybe another blogspot. Sheep ticks, as the name suggests, are prevalent wherever sheep get – rough grazing, damp vegetation….again great dog bounding areas!

To cover such a huge area as ticks in a few paragraphs is difficult but needless to say prevention is better than cure.  There are numerous products on the market, including the ‘spot on’ varieties and it is important to follow advice on dosage etc.  Being vigilant is just as important, there are numerous sources of information on how to remove ticks, some good, some folklore.  If in doubt the best advice has to be to speak to a vet.

All being said, be aware of the dangers of ticks but don’t let them stop you going out and exploring the great British countryside with your dog.

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