Dogs are part of the family, so it is only natural that you want a dog friendly holiday, and for them to be welcome too. Our blog gives you some ideas of where to holiday in the UK and what sort of holidays are out there for you.

Dog Friendly Motorhomes

Adding to our Dog Friendly Holidays with a Difference, have you ever fancied just going where you fancy on a whim?  Driving off into the sunset with your dogs?  Well it is possible and Dave at LandCruise Motorhome Hire gives us the benefit of his experience of motorhomes, dogs and children.

Holidaying with your dog is a luxury that few travel providers offer. We at LandCruise Motorhome Hire make dog friendly holidays easier thanks to our Roverhomes, giving precious little reason to leave your own “Rover” at home in what could be a potentially stressful environment, such as a kennel.

Winnie the dog resting after a tiring walk

So why give yourself the expense and stress of leaving your dog behind when you go on holiday?  Take them with you and go on an adventure with ALL the family.

That’s what I did back in March.  As part of my learning & development here at LandCruise I was given the opportunity to take the family away in one of the motorhomes so I could fully immerse myself within the world of vehicular leisure, and at the same time find out what all the knobs and levers are for.

Winnie enjoying a walk in the woodsWe planned to go away a week before the high season started, so I looked for the best campsites that were open all year round, and decided to stay at Setthorns in the New Forest.  A beautiful site in the heart of the woodland – it was perfect for our dog, Winnie. She loves running around the woods and our pitch was right in the middle of them.  That’s what hiring a motorhome gives you, the freedom to explore the most exciting destinations in your own way, and at your own pace.  Wherever you go is completely up to you, so your dog can travel in comfort to some great walkies locations throughout the UK and Europe.

Winnie outside the dog friendly motorhomeWhen choosing which home to go away in I had a few things to consider.  Firstly, it needed to be dog friendly, which a number of the LandCruise fleet are.  I also have an 18 month old daughter, so we needed space to set up her travel cot and not disturb her when we decided to turn-in later in the evening.  I also wanted one that came with a fixed bed.  I didn’t want the hassle of making up the bed each night and risk waking the little cherub in the process.  What with me only having a B1 license, and a fifth of the fleet already booked up for Goodwood’s 73rd Member’s Meeting, by process of elimination I opted for the Chausson Flash 28 which had more than enough room for the 4 of us.

The LandCruise dog friendly motorhome

The Flash 3 plus Roverhome

Like most of the dog friendly motorhomes on the fleet, the Flash 28 is just a motorhome that we allow dogs to stay in.  The one exception is the Flash 3 plus Roverhome, which is unique to LandCruise in that we’ve adapted this 6 berth motorhome by converting the bottom rear bunk bed into a dog area which is over 2 metres wide by 0.9 metre deep, and therefore, has plenty of room for 2 large dogs.  The area has its own light and ventilation and is accessible from both inside and outside the vehicle.  Perfect if you have muddy dogs after a long walk and don’t want to get the rest of the home filthy.  Plus they have their own safe area to stay when you’re driving from site to site.  We opted for the Flash 28 though because of its luxurious island bed!

Baby playing on the bed

We were very lucky with the weather when we went away so when we weren’t roaming the woodland we were able to sit and relax outside.  Most campsites ask that you keep your dog on a lead when on the site, so we took a ground tether that we were able to tie Winnie to, giving her the opportunity to wander and have a good old sniff without us having to worry.  It really is the best sort of holiday you can have with your pet, as you know they’re having the time of their lives, allowing you to do the same.

Other dog friendly vehicles on our fleet include the Swift Esprit 412, Esprit 462, Chausson Flash 8 and Flash 28, which are suitable for one small or medium size dog eg terrier/spaniel.  The Swift Esprit 496 Roverhome is suitable for one medium/large dog eg labrador.

To make your life even easier we have a number of ‘doggy’ extras available upon request, including an access ramp, easy clean dog bed (all you need is their favourite blanket to snuggle into), non-slip water and food bowls, and a ground tether for when your dog would rather be outside.  All you need to bring is their favourite toys and treats!

Taking your dog away in one of our motorhomes is an extra £10 per day on top of the cost of the hire.  There may be an additional charge for more than 2 dogs in the Flash 3 plus Roverhome.

Flash 3 with Roverhome has gate  Flash 3 plus Roverhome

LandCruise Flash 3 with Roverhome - a dog friendly motorhome

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