Dogs are part of the family, so it is only natural that you want a dog friendly holiday, and for them to be welcome too. Our blog gives you some ideas of where to holiday in the UK and what sort of holidays are out there for you.

Dog Friendly Travel Guide

Dogs are members of our families too, so it’s only natural to want to take them with you when you travel. In order to make travelling with your dog safe and enjoyable for you and your pet alike, you need to do some research ahead of time. It’s vital to know laws, guidelines, and safety rules for travelling with a dog and you’ll have to tailor your itinerary to include your pet at every step of the way. If you’re considering taking a dog along on a holiday, you’ll find lots of helpful information here.

It's easy to choose what type of holiday you want and how many dogs you want to take.

It’s easy to choose what type of holiday you want, how many dogs you want to take away with you and what features you want e.g. beach or pool

Dog Friendly Holiday Finder

  • If you’ll be staying at any hotels along the way, you’ve got to make sure that each one accepts dogs along with its human guests. Use the following link to find dog-friendly hotels in the UK.

Dog Friendly Hotels – To find hotels that accept more than one dog, change to Sort No. Dogs (Desc) – ideal if you have 2+ dogs.

  • Don’t fancy a hotel, but would rather find a guest house or B&B that welcomes you and your pet?  Use the following link to find a dog friendly guest house/B&B in the UK.

Dog Friendly B&B’s – If you have more than one dog, many places will be happy to accommodate you and your pets.  Just change the sort order to Sort No. Dogs (Desc) and you can easily find the accommodation that welcomes more than one dog.

  • Camping with the family is becoming a more popular holiday choice each year.  There are plenty of campsites all over the UK to choose from, ranging from small, quiet ones to the larger commercial, and not so quiet, ones.  If you fancy trying a spot of camping with your dog, use the following link to find dog friendly campsites in the UK.

Dog Friendly Campsites – If you want a campsite that is near to a beach, just type beach in the search box before clicking on Go.  Some campsites will be happy to accept 2+ dogs.

  • Camping not quite your thing, but want to stay on a holiday park so that there is something close by to amuse the children?  There are many caravan parks around the UK that accept dogs – and not just one or two either.  Some of the holiday parks, also permit camping and touring caravans too.  Use the following link to find some dog friendly holiday parks in the UK.

Dog Friendly Holiday Parks – So to keep the kids entertained, you want a caravan park near to the beach and with a pool.  In the search box, type beach, pool and then click on Go.

  • Self catering cottages, apartments, lodges and chalets are still an old favourite when taking your dog on holiday.  Whether you want a holiday by the beach, or close to woodland walks and nature trails, there are so many to choose from.  Some accommodation owners will say that there is no limit on the number of dogs that you can bring with you – great if you are like us and have 4+ dogs!  Many like to add the personal touch with, not only owner welcome packs, but dog welcome packs too.  Use the following link to find plenty of dog friendly self catering holidays in the UK.

Dog Friendly Self Catering Holidays – If you are after a dog friendly pub near by and a dog friendly beach, then in the search box, type pub, beach and then click on Go.

Tips and Advice for Travelling With Pets

There are a lot of special considerations to be taken when travelling with pets. Many of them depend on the time of year, the type and age of dog you have, and how you’ll be travelling. Use the following links to find the best, most current guidelines and advice for keeping dogs safe and happy no matter where you’re going or how you plan to get there.

Dogs Trust Travelling with Dogs – Although this page covers travelling abroad with your dog, there are many helpful points which also apply to just travelling in the UK with your dog.  The one that some people still forget is DO NOT LEAVE YOUR DOG IN A HOT CAR.  Another point is to ensure that your dog is properly restrained in the car, which leads me to….

Dog Guards R Us – The importance of having a restraint in the car for your dog.  There is a video reconstruction showing the effects that a 30kg Labrador would have if thrown through the air whilst travelling in a car at 30mph.  Scary stuff!  You don’t have to spend a fortune on a manufacturer’s guard – there are plenty of excellent guards out there which don’t cost the earth, but remember – cheap doesn’t necessarily mean good!

Ideal travelling solution – a dog guard and divider. Space for your dog and luggage.

Rules, Regulations, Safety, Directories & Checklists

Keeping your pet safe and healthy should be a top priority, especially when travelling. Use the rules and advice in these pages so you can take the right precautions to ensure the safety and welfare of your dog. You can also find out what the laws are when it comes to driving and flying with pets too.

DEFRA – Taking your Pets Abroad – There are plenty of holidays abroad that you can take your dog with you.  This UK Government website will explain what the legalities are, such as micro chipping and vaccinations.

Protecting The Welfare of Pet Dogs and Cats During Journeys – A UK Government advice guide to travelling with your dog (or cat) either around the UK or abroad.

Winter Pet Care Tips – During Wintertime, there are other considerations for our dogs – some that we just don’t think about.  Boness Veterinary Hospital has put together a great article full of tips for keeping pets healthy and safe during cold weather.

Travel Check List and Packing List – It’s easy going away with a dog, right?  Wrong! It’s not just a case of putting them in the car and away you go – your dog has needs too.  This checklist is a pretty good guide of things to remember, although I’m sure that there’s some things missing…..

Find a UK Vet – You’re away on holiday and your pet becomes ill.  What do you do?  Many holiday accommodation owners will have, no doubt, already given you a list of vets in the area, but what if you are out and about?  Find Any Vet Uk will locate a vet near you.  Hopefully you won’t need it!

Our dogs love playing in the snow and chasing snowballs...

Our dogs love playing in the snow and chasing snowballs…


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