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Dogs Die in Hot Cars

Many of us enjoy travelling with our canine companions, but leaving our dogs in the car in the baking summer weather can literally be a death sentence for them. We should all know by now how dangerous it is to leave a dog in a hot car, and yet we still see news stories every year about dogs needlessly dying after their owners think it’s OK to leave them in what is essentially an oven.

As such, more awareness of the issue can only be a good thing. This infographic from Ignitonline highlights just how vital it is not to leave a dog in the car during the summer, even just for a few minutes.

It looks at the reasons why dogs are more affected by the heat than us humans, the effects of heatstroke on dogs, just how hot a car can get in hot weather, and also what we should do if we see a dog suffering in a hot car.

Dogs Die In Hot Cars

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