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Just a Dog?

I may well be biased, but I think one of the best things in life, is our ability to share our world with our four legged friends.  It matters not to me whether they are pedigree, first generation cross, or a good old scruffy ‘Tipton Terrier’.

I always wanted a dog as a kid, but my father was allergic to the hair.  We had friends with dogs, and my first introduction to the companionship they offered was my uncle’s black Lab, Ben.  Ben was my friend and when my uncle came to visit, Ben and I would happily trundle off around the local park.

His sit and stay was fantastic, you could walk 100 yards away and he wouldn’t move until you called him.  Performing this routine one day, he did get his own back for a spectacular stay.  I made the mistake of turning my back just after I called him, I could hear him galloping up behind, and as I started to turn realised he wasn’t stopping.  He caught me just behind the knees as I was off balance, leading me to drop flat on my back winding me.  There’s nothing like having a Lab full of concern breathing in and licking your face.  I couldn’t help but laugh in between trying to get my breath.

As soon as I moved out I decide it was time to consider a dog.  Young, married and working silly shifts, we came across Ross a six month old Collie/Springer x.  He was initially taken in as much for company for my wife whilst I worked nights.  What an introduction to dog ownership.  He did not calm down until he was eight.

The memories of him are many, and in fact our relationship outlasted the marriage.  Ross, I think, cemented my thoughts as to why I can’t think of a dog as just a pet.  He managed to get out of the garden after a relationship break up – it was whilst I was working nights. I was in the habit of leaving the back door open for him whilst I was in bed, so he could wander in and out.  I spent my lunch break looking for him with a colleague, who found it amusing I seemed to be more concerned at losing my dog than my partner.

Only once did Ross go into kennels whilst I went on holiday.  Despite the kennels being clean, having a very good reputation and Ross being exercised, he took the hump with me for a fortnight after.  It was at this point I decided he would either come away with me or else stay with friends. The latter being very rare.  Fortunately now with the advent of the internet, it is a lot easier to find holiday accommodation that welcomes dogs….. which is just as well as I now have three.

Sadly I lost Ross with a brain tumor 9 years ago.  If anybody had tried to explain how upset I would be watching him go to sleep, I would never have believed them.  In fact I still get that tightening of the throat thinking about it now.  It took me ages to get out of the habit of stepping over him in his favourite resting spot by the lounge door.



After a short period we realised there was a gap in the family.  Hamish and Macbeth AKA “The Weapons of Mass Destruction” or the “West Highland Terrorists” (wonder how many people will now end up saying this) joined our family.  Litter brothers looking for a new home, we couldn’t take one and leave the other behind.  These two led eventually to me having a complete change of lifestyle.  They are responsible for me training as a groomer, and following some health issues, this is what I do to earn my keep.

Cutting the hours I was working, and having a job where I’m around dogs all day is great. As I have more time, we now have No 3 in the fold, George who is a Lab whom we adopted last year.  He is coming up to five years old.  The problem is I keep seeing other dogs who need rehoming and could quite easily add to my family.

If you are looking through this as a dog owner, I would expect there are quite a few points you agree with.  If you are looking at this wondering about going away with your dogs and what it’s like….. do it.  We take ours with us.  We even bought a caravan to give us more flexibility.  I would go as far to say it’s a lot healthier as well.  We tend only to go away for long weekends (the advantages of living in Wales) but both us and the dogs get more exercise as they get more walks to compensate for the fact they have no access to a garden.

Should you be contemplating that having a dog will restrict your life, you may be surprised. My life is better for my four legged friends been part of it, I don’t feel I’m missing out on anything.  To misquote Roger Caras “Dogs are not my whole life, but they make my life whole”

Chris The Dogman

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