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You Don’t Have to Own a Dog to Have a Dog Guard

Over the 10+ years that we’ve been selling dog guards, more and more of our customers don’t have dogs! Surprising? Not really.

Dog guards have been around for years, but now non-dog owners are realising their potential

The last decade has seen a move away from saloon cars to greater numbers of hatchbacks, estates, 4×4’s, SUV’s and MPV’s to fit in with changes to our lifestyles. Let’s admit it, the flexibility of vehicles are great for transporting kids’ stuff, the shopping, DIY materials…. The list is endless.

HOWEVER when loaded up with these items there must always be a risk of items flying forward into the passenger area of the car in the event of a sudden braking or impact. By fitting a Travall dog guard to your vehicle it provides a barrier between the boot and passenger areas. The advantages of fitting a Travall dog guard are numerous; they are easy to self fit requiring no modifications to your vehicle in 99% of cases; they can easily be removed; they are purpose made for a specific vehicle.

It’s amazing how much you can cram into a car boot!

These are some circumstances where non dog owners have used a dog guard as a load barrier in their vehicle:

  • Camping or caravanning: maximising the load carrying potential of the boot space for all the essential luggage.
  • Babies: we’ve supplied a few load barriers to parents worried about having pushchairs or buggies and all the bags loose in the boot area.
  • Shopping bags: one lady recently purchased a dog guard from us for her hatchback as she had a fright following slamming the brakes on with a full boot of shopping and some of the items came flying forward.
  • Taxis: we supply several taxi owners in estates and people carriers who use the dog guard as a luggage restraint/barrier on airport runs.
  • Tradesmen: increasingly popular as more people become self employed, it allows for safer transporting of tools and tool boxes. We have to supplied to council fleets too.

As always the dog guard must be correctly fitted and regularly checked to ensure its effective use as a luggage restraint or load barrier and although no product can ever be guaranteed as 100% effective in every situation it is worth checking a Travall dog guard for its load barrier use.

There are a great selection of Travall dog guards available, and some have a dividers to accompany them

You can see if there is a suitable Travall dog guard for your vehicle by clicking here.

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